[htdig] url_part_alias with single slash as from

Subject: [htdig] url_part_alias with single slash as from
From: kai.krebber@syseca.de
Date: Wed Mar 08 2000 - 04:33:49 PST


So far, I got htdig (3.1.3) up and running.
It even worked out to replace partly URL-strings with tokens (*1 and *2) in my
database, so the configuration file for digging works.

Unfortunately, the conf-file for searching doesn't work the way I want:
Trying to replace *2 with a bogus string (e.g. "foo") works, but I need to
replace it with just one slash.
If I replace "foo" with "/" in the conf, the resultpage gives me a count of
matches, but doesn't list the matching documents - the symptome of 5.11 from the
FAQ. Only that my database seems OK, because if I comment out the url_part_alias
- part of the conf-file, the resultpage shows URLs like

Do I need to escape/quote the slash in any way? How?


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