[htdig] Link Limits?

Subject: [htdig] Link Limits?
From: Brandon Bell (bbell@email.com)
Date: Tue Mar 07 2000 - 17:48:12 PST

Are there any limits in place for the number of links followed on a
page? I'm asking the question because only about 1300 of my ~1500
dynamically generated pages are being indexed by htdig. I have a
dynamically generated index pages which just lists the ~1500 pages to
index. The index page is about 150k in size and my max_doc_size is set
to 2MB (I've got some big PDF files that I'm indexing as well). Each
content page is less than 20k in size.

The other possible cause might be a timeout on generating the content
pages to be indexed, although I've run the rundig process repeatedly and
always get exactly the same number of pages indexed by htdig.

I'm using htdig version 3.1.5.

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