Re: [htdig] parsing PDF with NT

Subject: Re: [htdig] parsing PDF with NT
From: Gilles Detillieux (
Date: Tue Mar 07 2000 - 08:20:19 PST

According to Stéphane Baudet:
> Well, to compile it, I just did it from the cygwin bash shell the classic
> unix way, I mean : "sh configure" to use autoconf, and then "make". I didn't
> use "make install", but i copied the binaries and the htdig.conf file at the
> place where they should be. I compiled it on a Pentium pro 200 server with
> NT server 4.0. You must first install cygwin B20.1 that you can find on
> . Actually, only the cygwin1.dll may be
> necessary.
> I zipped my files and I also put my own htdig.conf that other users may
> modify to put their own path for the external parser. In my search, I found
> a slightly modified dubbed as, which works well
> with NT and xPDF 9.0. I also put pdfinfo.exe and pdftotext.exe from xPDF
> 9.0. I put my binaries in c:\opt\www\cgi-bin and c:\opt\www.htdig\bin .The
> zip file contains c:\opt\www\cgi-bin and c:\opt\www\htdig . NT users should
> change the database path in htdig.conf. I put it on c:\opt\www\htdig\db, but
> with cygwin syntax, if the DB must be, for instance, on d:\www\mydb, just
> change the database dir line in htdig.conf with the following path :
> d:/www/mydb or //d/www/mydb .
> I think that's all, but how can I upload my zip file on
> ?

You should be able to upload them to
and then e-mail Geoff or me to move them over to files/binaries/.

As for the script, if I recall it's just the same script with some paths changed, a hook added for dealing
with "nul" vs. /dev/null, suppression of really big words, and some
changed comments. At the risk of repeating myself, I feel I must again
strongly recommend over, because it just does
a better job. I'll probably add the /dev/null patch to, but
if you want to add that and fix the paths, and include the modified script in your zip file, it would be a big help. In any
case, thanks for your efforts.

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