Re: [htdig] Is there a patch available to "" (3.0.8b2,

Subject: Re: [htdig] Is there a patch available to "" (3.0.8b2,
From: Gilles Detillieux (
Date: Tue Mar 07 2000 - 07:22:01 PST

According to Geoff Hutchison:
> On Mon, 6 Mar 2000, William J. Fletcher wrote:
> > Knowing that we need to upgrade, (we are eventually) can someone help
> > me out with the fix for to deal with the leap year problem?
> No offense, but I wouldn't make it "eventual." If you look at the release
> notes, you'll see that the upgrade will fix several document database
> corruption bugs, a long list of other bugs, and of course a few security
> fixes (not the least of which allows a remote user to view files).
> Upgrade sooner, not later. I can't stress that too much.
> > I'd prefer getting a fix from the dev team as opposed to cooking my
> > own.
> I'm having a hard time remembering the code as of 3.0.8b2. If memory
> serves, getdate() calls timegm() if it's available on the system, but
> often uses htlib/ This has the Y2K problem, though I don't
> remember where--I think it doesn't taken the century rule into effect.
> Since fixing the bug once it's in the database requires reindexing, you'll
> be just as safe reindexing with the new version...

Actually, htlib/ was the culprit. It did implement
the century rule, but it did so incorrectly. It applied the rule
to the year in tm_year, which has an offset of 1900, so that it
thought 2000 (i.e. tm_year == 100) was not a leap year. That was
fixed a few releases ago, so all the more reason to upgrade.

The 3.0.8b2 release used GDBM instead of Berkeley DB, so you
will need to reindex everything from scratch after upgrading.
There have been innumerable bug fixes since that release (see so you'd do well to upgrade ASAP,
rather than hunting down bugs in the old code.

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