Re: [htdig] Help for newbie with Config Files

Subject: Re: [htdig] Help for newbie with Config Files
From: Gilles Detillieux (
Date: Mon Mar 06 2000 - 14:34:29 PST

According to Phill Novess:
> Hello. I'm new to htdig and I'm working on a site that uses htdig. We need
> to create some templates for this site and want to replace the htdig
> templates. However the htdig stuff is already setup. And this site already
> uses htdig for another area of there site in which nothing should be
> changed.
> So what I have done is created a new config file which I reference in the
> search form I'm using.
> I use <input type=hidden name=config value=university>
> <input type=hidden name=format value=university>
> To reference my new config file.
> In the config file I have set the search_results_wrapper attribute to this:
> search_results_wrapper: ${common_dir}/unwrapper.html \
> However, I still get the header and footer. Doesn't this override the
> defaults? Could those have been preset when the person comppiled it?
> I was going to try:
> search_results_header: ${common_dir}/unheader.html
> search_results_footer: ${common_dir}/unfooter.html
> To reset the header and footer to new templates.
> Is there something I'm missing?

Not something missing, but something extra. If you do indeed have the
extra space and backslash on your search_results_wrapper, as shown above,
then it's no wonder it's not working. The backslash at the end of the
line will make it take the following line as part of the attribute
definition. This attribute should be set to the name of a single file,
with nothing extra added, just as for the header and footer definitions.

Of course, your university.conf file will also need to define template_map
to specify what template file(s) to use, and you should probably set
template_name as well.

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