Re: [htdig] Mac OS X and locale

Subject: Re: [htdig] Mac OS X and locale
From: Gilles Detillieux (
Date: Mon Mar 06 2000 - 07:54:51 PST

According to Volker Riebartsch:
> >The biggest problem is that I don't know the format of the files. I could
> >easily send you mine from LinuxPPC if they're compatible across different
> >C libraries, or someone can probably give them to you from FreeBSD (but
> >if they're binary, then there could be endian issues).
> I don tknow either. I am not that big Unix wiz, so I hoped someone else
> ran into that programm before.
> >Funny. I went to the Darwin mailing list archives (and saw your message
> >from Nov.) and Apple's search engine for the archives is ht://Dig. So
> >you'd think they'd care. ;-)
> Another funny story: Why do you think the Apple Europe websites are not
> using Mac OS X "the best server" (marketing bla). They can t setup a
> search-engine.....
> >I'll poke around the Darwin code and check up on the varius Darwin/Linux
> >projects to see if they have any locale files. If not, I'll try sending
> >the LinuxPPC locale files, though I'm a bit hesitant since they might not
> >be compatible.
> Would be great if you d find something. I do have LinuxPPC 2000. So if
> there is nothing for OS X around or BSD 4.4 at least i would give it a
> try.

I doubt these locale files are very portable. I think they are specific
to a given machine architecture, and even specific to a particular
C library implementation. The glibc locale files are different than
the libc5 locale files on Linux. I don't know if it'll be much help,
but there are source files available for locale definitions for Linux at

However, the program that comes with it for compiling these files is
pretty library specific, so I doubt it'll work on Mac OS X. Apple should
really get it's act together on this, as this is something too important
to ignore. Mind you, given all the "broken locale" reports I've seen
on this list, it seems that this is something a lot of OS vendors fail
to get right.

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