[htdig] Indexes.

Subject: [htdig] Indexes.
From: Robert Seymour (seymour10@poptop.llnl.gov)
Date: Mon Mar 06 2000 - 05:06:59 PST

Does ht://Dig have the ability to produce a list of all urls found at a
particular target site with the name of the pages?

www.foo.com/computers.html Computer Support
www.foo.com/infosecurity.html Information Security
www.foo.com/personnel.html Personnel

We have a need to produce dynamically generated link pages based on urls
indexed at major sites here at the Lab.
Then dynamically through Perl, obtain desired links from this index.
We currently manually genetate an alphabetical list of our various sites, then
manually point our pages at this list.

Do you have any suggestions?

Robert Seymour


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