[htdig] paths

Subject: [htdig] paths
From: Glenn J. Rowe (glenn.rowe@OttawaComputer.Com)
Date: Mon Mar 06 2000 - 07:02:43 PST

Ok - Here I go again... I'm going to show my ignorance one more time.

Someone else originally installed htdig but now I have to move it to a
new server. The paths on the new server are a little different.
My path used to be /home/ottawacomputer/htdig and now it is
I have specified the new path in the htdig.conf file but there must be
more places because when I try and search it says it can't find the
htdig.conf file.

Also since in the htdig.conf I have the start_url set to be
`${common_dir}/sites.txt` it is unable to find the list of start pages
to index. It doesn't know where ${common_dir} is.

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