[htdig] Quick question

Subject: [htdig] Quick question
From: Glenn J. Rowe (glenn.rowe@OttawaComputer.Com)
Date: Sun Mar 05 2000 - 10:56:20 PST

Pardon me. I just started using htdig and just now joined this mailing
list. I have a question which I am sure someone will be able to answer.

I have specified a rather small list of sites that should be indexed.
htdig does only index those sites; however, when indexing it follows
links to sites that aren't in the list. This poses a problem because a
few sites have a large amount of external links on them and htdig
follows everyone of those links. It doesn't index them but it follows
them thus making the indexing process take FOREVER. Is there a way to
stop that?

Glenn Rowe

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