Re: [htdig] Mac OS X and locale

Subject: Re: [htdig] Mac OS X and locale
From: Volker Riebartsch (
Date: Fri Mar 03 2000 - 16:14:03 PST

Hi Geoff,
thanks for the reply!

>The biggest problem is that I don't know the format of the files. I could
>easily send you mine from LinuxPPC if they're compatible across different
>C libraries, or someone can probably give them to you from FreeBSD (but
>if they're binary, then there could be endian issues).
I don tknow either. I am not that big Unix wiz, so I hoped someone else
ran into that programm before.

>Funny. I went to the Darwin mailing list archives (and saw your message
>from Nov.) and Apple's search engine for the archives is ht://Dig. So
>you'd think they'd care. ;-)
Another funny story: Why do you think the Apple Europe websites are not
using Mac OS X "the best server" (marketing bla). They can t setup a

>I'll poke around the Darwin code and check up on the varius Darwin/Linux
>projects to see if they have any locale files. If not, I'll try sending
>the LinuxPPC locale files, though I'm a bit hesitant since they might not
>be compatible.
Would be great if you d find something. I do have LinuxPPC 2000. So if
there is nothing for OS X around or BSD 4.4 at least i would give it a
Thanks a lot for your help


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