[htdig] size of DB question

Subject: [htdig] size of DB question
From: Pat Lennon - Unified Tech (pmlennon@dec.state.ny.us)
Date: Fri Mar 03 2000 - 12:39:47 PST

I have a small server at my home office. In it I have approx 35 books
and faqs. Some are in .pdf but most are html. The size of the filesystem
taken up my the books is approx 525meg. If I were to compile htdig as a
search engine for my server. By the way its a linux server running
apache web server on a 486dx4120mhz with only 36 meg ram. How much space
would the database or bases need to be able to do a search of all books
for a word or phrase.

 Now that I mention it will lI be wasting my time with a search engine
on such a old system with little resource. I am the only 1 that will be
searching ,so many users is not a problem. Any feed back is appreciated


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