[htdig] Mac OS X and locale

Subject: [htdig] Mac OS X and locale
From: Volker Riebartsch (volker.ri@macup.com)
Date: Fri Mar 03 2000 - 01:39:39 PST

We run our online-services on Mac OS X Server since the end of last year,
using iTools and other software. Everything works graet exept htdig.
There is a problem with special characters (umlauts) like ä aso.
This affects not just Servers in German language but almost all european
versions. I discussed the problem with Tenons Erik Van Coops-Lotspeich,
he explained the reason but could not provide a solution. Not to mention
my several attempts to get infos out of Apple...
Here is my thread with Erik Van Coops-Lotspeich

Volker (me):
> I am using htdig, working great exept for some problems with special
> characters. i read the manual and faq and integrated all the nessesary
> code in htdig.config:
> locale: de_DE
> lang_dir: ${common_dir}/german
> bad_word_list: ${lang_dir}/bad_words
> endings_affix_file: ${lang_dir}/german.aff
> endings_dictionary: ${lang_dir}/german.0
> endings_root2word_db: ${lang_dir}/root2word.db
> endings_word2root_db: ${lang_dir}/word2root.db
> It does not work, still. I checked with their mailig-list. One says: in
> my /usr/share/locale/de/ i need some more directories and files besides
> the dir LC_MESSAGES that I do have in this location in order to index and
> search for extended eg german characters.
> > Torsten (another guy @ the list) wrote :
> >
> > << Again, have a look at your locale directory!
> > Check for the files LC_TIME, LC_COLLATE, LC_MONETARY, LC_CTIME and
> > LC_NUMERIC in your "de" locale directory. If these files do not
> > exist, your "de" locale is not usable for handling many of the
> > issues of ht://Dig indexing. >>

Eric answered
I assume that you do have a de_DE directory in /usr/share/locale. Is
this correct? On my LinuxPPC system, I have the LC_TIME, LC_COLLATE,
LC_MONETARY, LC_CTIME, and LC_NUMERIC directories that you specified
above. I do not see these on OS X Server. Since OS X Server is Apple's
product, they _should_ have the appropriate locale-specific files that
you need. I am surprised that OS X Server does not ship with a working
German locale set. I suppose that you could try my Linux files, but I
doubt that they would work since they are binary files. I imagine that
they are OS-specific.

Me again: Indeed this files are missing. Where can I obtain the locale
files I need for Mac OS X or the sources. I found not help until now.

Would be great if you could help.

Thanks and take care


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