Re: [htdig] problems with the "accent" patch

Subject: Re: [htdig] problems with the "accent" patch
From: Gilles Detillieux (
Date: Thu Mar 02 2000 - 14:38:27 PST

According to Robert Marchand:
> I will add a correction to have accents keys in sync with the
> maximum_word_length parameter.

Here's a kludgy fix, which I haven't tested yet, but I think will work.
I'm not wild about the external reference to config, while other methods
in this class have the config object passed to them, but it should get
the job done. Obviously, this patch should be applied after the one
I posted earlier today, still using patch -p1.

--- htdig-3.1.5.accents/htfuzzy/ Thu Mar 2 11:25:42 2000
+++ htdig-3.1.5.accents/htfuzzy/ Thu Mar 2 16:33:10 2000
@@ -134,10 +134,16 @@ Accents::writeDB(Configuration &config)
 Accents::generateKey(char *word, String &key)
+ extern Configuration config;
+ static int maximum_word_length = config.Value("maximum_word_length", 12);
     if (!word || !*word)
+ String temp(word);
+ if (temp.length() > maximum_word_length)
+ temp.chop(temp.length()-maximum_word_length);
+ word = temp.get();
     key = '0';
     while (*word) {
       key << MinusculeISOLAT1[ (unsigned char) *word++ ];

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