[htdig] htSearch is doing Weird STUFF.

Subject: [htdig] htSearch is doing Weird STUFF.
From: Douglas S. Davis (DSDavis@monicals.com)
Date: Thu Mar 02 2000 - 07:01:57 PST

I have read over most of the vague documentation and would appreciate
a little help from some of the more advanced users of ht://Dig.

My biggest problem is the htsearch program ALWAYS reverting back to
it's own default config file located at:

It doesn't matter a hill of beans what you put into the CONFIG file,
htsearch seems to have a mind of it's own.

Then, when you finally do get it to run, the stupid html page has all
the attribute names, i.e:
(Logical_Words), (Words), etc, instead of putting in the correct
values! Even worse, if you try to define the search more fully, it
errors out with: can't find /opt/www/htdig/conf/(ConfigFileName).conf

Now I know it shouldn't always do this but does anyone have an HONEST
set of rules as to what files need to reside where in order for this
thing to work correctly.

PS: Don't tell me I need to change my whole webserver over to their
layout, I like the way it is now. I just want to fit ht://dig into
the overall scheme of things. I shall be awaiting your replies.

Doug Davis

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