[htdig] 2 questions:   and bad_words

Subject: [htdig] 2 questions:   and bad_words
From: Peter Kruijt (peterk@wfw.wtb.tue.nl)
Date: Wed Mar 01 2000 - 03:07:44 PST


I have two questions with respect to indexing:

1. I am building a site that hosts a conference organised by my
university. A lot of names are in the program and abstract files, and of
course people want to look when and where they are planned. The easiest
way is to search for your own last name. However, to avoid that the
initials are on one line and the last name on the next, I put   's
in between. ht://Dig does not interpret these as spaces. Is there a way
to make ht://Dig interpres hard spaxes as ordinary spaces?

2. Since it is a conference on polymer processing, the word polymer
comes up on every page. However, some pages need to be found when
searched for `polymer' others don't. If I add `polymer' to the bad_words
file, and I add a <META "htdig-keywords" CONTENT="polymer"> to the
relevant pages, will they be indexed?
In other words, what takes precedence bad_words or htdig-keywords?

I understand I can just try the answer to the second question, the
problem is just that I am maintaining the server and it's software, and
not the pages themselves.

Thanks for making available ht:Digg to the public.

With regards,

  Peter Kruijt

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