[htdig] Help for a newbie ??

Subject: [htdig] Help for a newbie ??
From: Spike Parker (spike.parker@eastexcrude.com)
Date: Mon Feb 28 2000 - 16:43:32 PST

> Several years ago, our company purchased a product that is no longer being
> supported called EZArchive. It runs on W9X and houses thousands of
> searchable records. Because the product is no longer supported, we wanted
> to build its replacement on a Linux platform, since that is where the
> files that we wish to access are created and stored, anyway.
> In our search for solutions, we came across ht://dig, which appears to
> address the indexing and searching situations that we think we need, quite
> nicely.
> Since there are so many configuration options associated with ht://dig as
> well as Apache, I thought I might ask if you could help us through the
> basics if I were to describe just where we are.
> I have apache installed and running under Redhat 6.1 on a 4.3GB disk. It
> has located its default file location at /home/httpd/html/ Under httpd,
> there are also two other sub-directories, cgi-bin and icons.
> I did the entire installation and setup of
> htdig-3.1.4.tar.gz from /usr/local/bin, so it created all that it creates
> and each phase appeared to go well.
> Now we're faced with wanting to be sure that we make any configuration
> adjustments in ht://dig and in apache (or httpd) to enable our being able
> search for specific items among thousands of items. The search we are
> hoping to be able to perform will involve, as an example, finding a single
> or any number of statements based upon any one, or any number of the
> following indexed attributes .1 Prepared on date 2. Period end date 3.
> Company lease number 4. Lease name 5. Statement recipient 6. Operator name
> 7. State lease number . All of these items are contained within the body
> the text files.
> We have replaced "index.html" in apache with one of these statements, and
> are able to browse to apache and clearly read the document, so we know
> apache is functioning.
> We have set up several of the statements with the <META
> NAME="htdig-keywords" CONTENT=" etc, etc. (our identifiers) and are ready
> start testing, but have no clue what should come next.
> We suppose that we need to create some type of page upon which the search
> engine functions will reside .. but how
> I believe you see, by now the sort of help I am in need of. I will answer
> any questions.
> And thanks in advance for any help that you can provide.
> Spike Parker
> Eastex Crude Company
> Spike.parker@eastexcrude.com

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