[htdig] [ANNOUNCE] ht://Dig 3.1.5 RPMs for Red Hat

Subject: [htdig] [ANNOUNCE] ht://Dig 3.1.5 RPMs for Red Hat
From: Gilles Detillieux (grdetil@scrc.umanitoba.ca)
Date: Sat Feb 26 2000 - 07:51:23 PST

I've just uploaded source and binary rpms for the ht://Dig 3.1.5 web
site search engine to incoming.redhat.com, for eventual inclusion
on contrib.redhat.com. I've also placed them on the htdig.org site,
in http://www.htdig.org/files/binaries/. They can also be downloaded
from the SCRC web site, at http://www.scrc.umanitoba.ca/htdig/rpms/.

This is the latest stable release and is recommended for all production

This version in particular fixes a nasty security hole in htsearch
that is present in all previous versions, including 3.1.4 and
3.2.0b1. Because of this, it is *strongly* recommended that all users
update to this version.

The following RPMs were built on Red Hat Linux 4.2, 5.0* and 6.0 respectively:

htdig-3.1.5-0glibc.i386.rpm * (see note below)
htdig-3.1.5-0glibc.src.rpm * (see note below)
htdig-3.1.5-0glibc21.i386.rpm (for glibc-2.1, Red Hat 6.0)
htdig-3.1.5-0glibc21.src.rpm (for glibc-2.1, Red Hat 6.0)

Verify /etc/htdig/htdig.conf, then run /usr/sbin/rundig after installing,
to (re)build all your databases.


Name : htdig Distribution: (none)
Version : 3.1.5 Vendor: (none)
Release : 0 Build Date: Fri Feb 25 14:42:33 2000
Install date: Fri Feb 25 16:18:23 2000 Build Host: cliff.scrc.umanitoba.ca
Group : Networking/Utilities Source RPM: htdig-3.1.5-0.src.rpm
Size : 3096247
Packager : Gilles Detillieux <grdetil@scrc.umanitoba.ca>
URL : http://www.htdig.org/
Summary : A web indexing and searching system for a small domain or intranet
Description :
The ht://Dig system is a complete world wide web indexing and searching
system for a small domain or intranet. This system is not meant to replace
the need for powerful internet-wide search systems like Lycos, Infoseek,
Webcrawler and AltaVista. Instead it is meant to cover the search needs for
a single company, campus, or even a particular sub section of a web site.

As opposed to some WAIS-based or web-server based search engines, ht://Dig
can span several web servers at a site. The type of these different web
servers doesn't matter as long as they understand the HTTP 1.0 protocol.


* Note to Red Hat 5.0 & 5.1 users:

There's an obscure bug in vixie-cron on Red Hat 5.0 and 5.1 systems,
in its SIGCHLD signal handling. It causes htmerge to fail consistently
with a "Word sort failed" error, when run from a cron job. It could
potentially cause similar problems with other jobs. I recommend upgrading
to the latest vixie-cron from the 5.2 distribution updates:


They can be obtained from any Red Hat Linux update mirror site, or
along with the htdig RPMs from my web site above.


     Release notes for htdig-3.1.5 25 Feb 2000
     This version cleans up some remaining bugs in the 3.1.4 release. As
     the latest stable release of ht://Dig, it is recommended for all
     production servers.
       * Fixed a nasty security hole in htsearch, which would allow
         users to view any file on your site that had read permission.
       * Fixed a bug that could cause problems with 8-bit characters on
         some systems.
       * Made some attempts to get htsearch's output to be more HTML 4.0
         compliant. It quotes all HTML tag parameters, and uses ";"
         instead of "&" as parameter separator in URLs for next
         pages. Reserved characters in parameters are now encoded.
       * Fixed handling of SGML entities: htdig will still decode
         them to store as single characters in the database, but
         htsearch now encodes some of them back for compliant results.
       * Added two new formats for variables in htsearch templates,
         $%(var), which escapes the variable for a URL, and $&(var),
         which HTML-escapes the variable as necessary.
       * Fixed htdig's handling of robots.txt, such that only the first
         applicable User-agent field bearing its name will be used, rather
         than only the last.
       * Fixed htdig's handling of servers that return 2-digit years.
       * Fixed handling of embedded quotes in quoted string lists.
       * Fixed handling of relative URLs with trailing ".." or leading "//".
       * Fixed handling of the valid_extensions attribute, which sometimes
         failed in the previous version.
       * Enhanced the handling of local filesystem indexing with the
         local_urls, local_user_urls or local_default_doc attributes, which
         now allow multiple directory or file names to be tried.
       * Added the build_select_lists attribute to allow the config file to
         specify <select> form elements in htsearch output as a template
         variable, much like $(SORT) and $(METHOD).
       * Added support for two additional configuration attributes:
         max_keywords, and nph.
       * A variety of other bug fixes, and many documentation updates.
         See the ChangeLog for details.
       * Once again, thanks to everyone who reported bugs and bug fixes.

   The full ChangeLog for this release is available from:

Gilles R. Detillieux              E-mail: <grdetil@scrc.umanitoba.ca>
Spinal Cord Research Centre       WWW:    http://www.scrc.umanitoba.ca/~grdetil
Dept. Physiology, U. of Manitoba  Phone:  (204)789-3766
Winnipeg, MB  R3E 3J7  (Canada)   Fax:    (204)789-3930

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