Re: [htdig] No matches were found for 'linux'

Subject: Re: [htdig] No matches were found for 'linux'
From: Gilles Detillieux (
Date: Fri Feb 25 2000 - 09:05:12 PST

According to Alain FORCIOLI:
> htsearch (via the web interface) always returns "No matches were found
> for 'linux'" when i'm searching for the word 'linux'. 'linux' is an
> exemple. Any words i've tested gets the same message.
> When i use htsearch via the command line all is ok. I get some hits
> with the word 'linux' inside.
> In this thread,,
> Gilles said to check the config file. I've done it again and again
> with no result.
> I'm sure i don't have the tips i need to find a mistake.
> Could you give me some tips to detect/check the config file ?

If you get different results from the command line than from the web
interface, it's most commonly because one of these 3 things is different:

- The htsearch binary that is being executed
- The config file that htsearch is using
- The databases that htsearch is using

Any of these can happen if you've got multiple versions installed, or
failed to clean up some remaining files from older versions. Make sure
you know which path your web server is using to get at the htsearch
binary. Name the binary something different if you want to make sure
you've got the right path. Check the config parameter setting in your
initial search form, to see if it's the same as the one you used on the
command line, or is the default of "htdig". If you're using different
config files, make sure they refer to the databases you want to use
and that these are up to date. Finally, if all of these things seem to
check out, look at your web server configuration. If it's running your
CGI programs under a different virtual root (i.e. using a chroot call),
then you'll need to adjust the database_dir attribute in your web-based
htsearch config file accordingly, by stripping off the portion of the
path that leads to the virtual root directory.

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