Re: [htdig] Problems setting up a Cron daemon

Subject: Re: [htdig] Problems setting up a Cron daemon
Date: Mon Feb 21 2000 - 13:30:32 PST


I am infact running the cron job as root (i discovered that running it as a normal user didn't to too much ;).
Even though htdig works, should I still run htmerge? because the search engine works just fine. Could that be the problem I'm getting because of not running htmerge (or does rundig do this?)?

Atle Lee Veka
Coe College Computer Services

>>> Geoff Hutchison <> 02/21/00 10:11AM >>>
If you hadn't mentioned RedHat 6.1, I'd refer you to the FAQ. There were
problems with the cron daemon in previous releases that messed around with
the environment passed to cron jobs. But you're also seeing a different

First off, you always need to run htmerge after htdig--this is what
actually assembles the databases for the htsearch CGI.

Secondly, you don't mention the user that's running the cron job--you
probably have permission problems. After all, htmerge is the program that
generates db.words.db and it's having trouble creating that file.

-Geoff Hutchison
Williams Students Online

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