[htdig] PARTIAL user directory exclusion

Subject: [htdig] PARTIAL user directory exclusion
From: Kirby Vandivort (kvandivo@ks.uiuc.edu)
Date: Thu Feb 17 2000 - 09:48:28 PST


On our site we have a file.. we'll call it people.html that lists
everyone with a link to their ~username directory.

My boss wants the index file residing at ~username to be indexed in
the search, but no other files under the ~username hierarchy should
be indexed. Any clue on how I can accomplish this?

The only thing that I have come up with is to do a seperate htdig
on people.html and tell it to only go to a depth of one. Then, exclude
people.html from the general search, and merge the two together when

But, assuming that would work, I'm not sure how to set up my config
files to accomplish that goal (I'm a bit hazy on exactly how to do the
htmerge stuff..

Let's say that I had only_people.conf and no_people.conf
and I wanted to merge the two.. would I say?

htmerge -c no_people.conf -m only_people.conf

? Or something similar?)

. Any help, or a better solution, would be wildly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


Kirby Vandivort Theoretical Biophysics Group Email: kvandivo@ks.uiuc.edu 3051 Beckman Institute http://www.ks.uiuc.edu/~kvandivo/ University of Illinois Phone: (217) 244-5711 405 N. Mathews Ave Fax : (217) 244-6078 Urbana, IL 61801, USA

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