[htdig] Searching Subdirectories

Subject: [htdig] Searching Subdirectories
From: Richey, Ross (richeyrw@arup-lab.com)
Date: Wed Feb 16 2000 - 08:52:18 PST

I'd like to set up a search page using htdig where it offers the user a pull
down menu where they can choose to either search the entire site or search
one of two sub sections of the site. So I assume I would need either three
copies of htsearch to run with three seperate config files. But in this
case I'm having a hard time finding any documentation on how to pass
information from the form to the server to tell it which copy to use.
Alternatively I would think that you could have one copy of htsearch and I
could pass it that on the sub section instead of searching www.abc.com I
could have it only search for results in www.abc.com/sub/

Any help would be appreciated

Ross Richey
Web Administrator
ARUP Laboratories (http://www.arup-lab.com)
(801)583-2787 ext. 2466

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