Re: [htdig] Config Problem

Subject: Re: [htdig] Config Problem
From: Gilles Detillieux (
Date: Mon Feb 14 2000 - 07:58:25 PST

According to Jeff Davis:
> I installed htdig from an RPM recently (RedHat 6.1).
> It worked fine until a few days ago when cron began to complain that
> /var/lib/htdig was "out of space".
> The RPM installed things where it wanted and my /var partition is rather
> small by choise. I changed /etc/htdig/htdig.conf to create the database
> directory to /usr/lib/htdig/ where I have plenty of room.
> The next day I got the same out of space complaint from cron.
> Looking at the cron entry for htdig I saw that the daily db update was
> pointing back to the small partition so I changed the path in the cron
> entry to point to /usr/lib/htdig/

Yes, in the RPMs I set up, /etc/cron.daily/htdig-dbgen is just a symbolic
link to /usr/sbin/rundig, the script that runs htdig and htmerge. That
script defines TMPDIR to be the same as the default database directory,
/var/lib/htdig/db, so it too must be changed if you don't want temporary
files in /var.

> Now that problem is solved, however, I no longer get the nice
> header/footer and preformatted page when a search is returned. The
> search returns okay but I get one single grey page without the number of
> results, or the links to additional pages of returned search.
> I'm assuming that the cgi script (htsearch) needs to be re-constructed or
> something so the system knows where everything is located again.
> Any ideas what to change/do?

When you moved all of /var/lib/htdig to /usr/lib/htdig, you actually
moved two directories: database_dir (default is /var/lib/htdig/db),
and common_dir (default is /var/lib/htdig/common, which is a compiled-
in default). You need to override the definition of the latter attribute
in your htdig.conf. It determines where all the templates are found,
as well as the endings and synonyms databases which are usually only
built once and are independent of the document databases in database_dir.

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