[htdig] Question: how to catch htsearch output

Subject: [htdig] Question: how to catch htsearch output
From: P.M.van.Leusen (P.M.van.Leusen@let.rug.nl)
Date: Mon Feb 14 2000 - 06:30:43 PST


I'm a new user and am in the process of configuring htdig for use at my site
www.let.rug.nl/arge. I have a small problem which you may be able to solve:

1) when I run htsearch on the command line, it prompts me for input and then
returns the proper HTML to me, on stdout;
2) when I run htsearch through search.html, it appears to run but there is no

Presumably I have missed configuring some path or other. Can anyone point me in
the right direction?


Martijn van Leusen
Groningen Institute of Archaeology

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