[htdig] Config Problem

Subject: [htdig] Config Problem
From: Jeff Davis (jeff@jehosophat.com)
Date: Sat Feb 12 2000 - 05:58:29 PST

I installed htdig from an RPM recently (RedHat 6.1).

It worked fine until a few days ago when cron began to complain that
/var/lib/htdig was "out of space".

The RPM installed things where it wanted and my /var partition is rather
small by choise. I changed /etc/htdig/htdig.conf to create the database
directory to /usr/lib/htdig/ where I have plenty of room.

The next day I got the same out of space complaint from cron.

Looking at the cron entry for htdig I saw that the daily db update was
pointing back to the small partition so I changed the path in the cron
entry to point to /usr/lib/htdig/

Now that problem is solved, however, I no longer get the nice
header/footer and preformatted page when a search is returned. The
search returns okay but I get one single grey page without the number of
results, or the links to additional pages of returned search.

I'm assuming that the cgi script (htsearch) needs to be re-constructed or
something so the system knows where everything is located again.

Any ideas what to change/do?


jeff davis

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