[htdig] Adding ability to search databases

Subject: [htdig] Adding ability to search databases
From: Cameron Just (C.Just@its.uq.edu.au)
Date: Thu Feb 10 2000 - 19:40:26 PST


I am just looking at HTDig for the first time and would like to implement it on our website.
How hard would it be to get HTDig to also trawl thru databases as well?

We create summary tables nightly of our major databases.
For example departments is a very complex database and every night we populate an empty table called dn-departments.

This table contains fields like

        facilityID int NOT NULL ,
        facilityName varchar (255) NULL ,
        facilityDescription text NULL ,
        mapCoord varchar (11) NULL ,
        buildingNumber varchar (10) NULL ,
        campusName varchar (50) NULL ,
        summary text NULL ,
        allFields text NULL ,
        sourceURL varchar (255) NULL ,
        catalogRank int NULL ,
        departments text NULL

Then our M$ SiteServer search engine (I despise the fact that we had to use this product) will trawl thru the webpages and also the summary tables in the database.
When a search is made by a user on the web it is done on all this info.

If someone knows what I'm talking about.
Would it be easy to do on HTDig?
How much would it cost us to get a developer to add this feature to the product?(Keeping the GNU of course)

Cameron Just (C.Just@its.uq.edu.au)

Web Development Unit
Information Technology Services
University of Queensland, St Lucia

(07) 3365 1598

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