[htdig] Alternative to whatsnew.pl?

Subject: [htdig] Alternative to whatsnew.pl?
From: Ben Parker (ben@ocha.unon.org)
Date: Thu Feb 10 2000 - 03:13:21 PST

Reading the archives, it seems that whatsnew.pl is a problem because a)
installing the BerkeleyDB module is not straightforward on Linux RedHat (I
have not yet managed even with the older versions) and 2) it doesn't work
anyway because it doesn't know the format of the current htdig version

Can anyone suggest an alternative script or program, preferably in Perl,
before I start re-inventing the wheel? I would like a what's new list
generated - and maybe a what's changed list (in terms of file date).
Tracking what has chnage within a page would be overkill.

Thanks for the rest of htdig, by the way - works great!


Nairobi: Tel: +254 2 622123

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