Re: [htdig] Still more info on pdf conversion problems.

Subject: Re: [htdig] Still more info on pdf conversion problems.
From: Gilles Detillieux (
Date: Wed Feb 09 2000 - 12:06:55 PST

According to Stan Brown:
> Here is where I am. I decided to use the technique, mostly
> because you had it working. At this point, I am getting a databse

Your choice, but it seems that if you went to the trouble of installing
3.1.4 to support external converters, I don't see why you wouldn't use
it. It does a better job than

> built, even thought I continue to get the errors from pdrtotext, and I
> will address those errors with the xpdf folks.
> However now I have another question.
> I am atempting to set up a second set of manuals on a system that
> already serves one set by a totally differnt venfor. As a result I need
> 2 different database. I am runing on FreeBSD built from the ports
> collection which set up the original configuration as follows:
> database_dir /usr/local/share/htdig

There should be a colon (:) after the attribute name. E.g.:

        database_dir: /usr/local/share/htdig

> common_dir was also set to this. So as a first effort, I created a new
> file /usr/local/share/htdig.ab.conf, and chaged the source URL, and
> database_dir to /usr/local/share_ab/htdig.
> I then ran rundig with the -v and -c /usr/local/etc/htdig.ab.conf
> Should this have worked?

If you used the right syntax, it should have worked.

> At the momnnet I seem to have the new database, but not the old one. O
> am reruning htdig with the old config file to see waht happens.

But did the new database show up in the old directory or the new directory?
If it's in the old directory, your database_dir setting didn't work.

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