Re: [htdig] rundig problem after changing htconfig

Subject: Re: [htdig] rundig problem after changing htconfig
From: Gilles Detillieux (
Date: Mon Feb 07 2000 - 13:57:19 PST

According to Fates:
> I just tried to run rundig -vvv -u username:password
> It runs for a while then I get the htmerge usage options and rundig
> quits. The first time I ran this it worked except I ran out of space so
> I changed the htconfig file to point to a dos drive that has over a gig
> of free space. I also added another
> exclude_urls /mydirectory/
> to the config file.
> Here is what I got when rundig quit:
> htmerge: invalid option -- u

Rundig is pretty simple-minded about it's option handling, and most options
are passed to all the programs it calls, whether appropriate or not.
Obviously, the -u option only makes sense to htdig. Your options are:

1) use the authorization attribute instead, but be careful about
read-protecting the config file, as it will contain a password.

2) add the -u option right in the rundig script, where it calls htdig,
but again, the same caution about read protecting the script.

3) modify rundig, or write a new script, to handle the -u command line
option correctly.

4) just run htdig and htmerge manually, and avoid rundig altogether.

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