Re: [htdig] Still no luck with indexing PDF's

Subject: Re: [htdig] Still no luck with indexing PDF's
From: Anthony Peacock (
Date: Mon Feb 07 2000 - 05:49:22 PST


> I am still having no luck geting my PDF files indexed.
> If anyone has suceded in doing this, I would love to be able to ask
> them some questiosn.
> Geting this working is fairly important, and I am having no luck at all
> with it. I have read all the information I can find in the FAQ on it,
> and seem to still be doing something wrong.
> Could someone take a minute or 2 for an mail exchange with me on this?

How about describing your problem to the list?

There are plenty of people on this list that have PDF indexing working.

Have you checked the list archives?

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CHIME, Royal Free & University College Medical School
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