[htdig] unfortunate coding choice?

Subject: [htdig] unfortunate coding choice?
From: Bernard T. Higonnet (higonnet@bellatlantic.net)
Date: Sun Feb 06 2000 - 20:31:21 PST


It seems to me that when the number of hits is greater than
matches_per_page the html for the links to successive pages up to 10 is
output as a single line.

As I have a php3 program which massages the output of htsearch, I'm
having a lot of trouble because this can be a very very long line. I
haven't found an official indication of long a php3 string can be, but I
did find one indication on the net that it might be 1460 (peculiar

Odds are it's a problem with my code rather than with php3 or htdig, but
it seems to me that even if there is nothing wrong theoretically with
having all this info on one line (indeed my browser thinks it's fine),
it would be more prudent to break it up?

Having just encountered this problem, I don't see an easy circumvention
because if there is a string length limit in php3 how to begin to
manipulate the line safely?

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