RE: [htdig] htmerge error: warning:line too long:ignoring ....SOLVED

Subject: RE: [htdig] htmerge error: warning:line too long:ignoring ....SOLVED
From: Sid MacLeod (
Date: Sun Feb 06 2000 - 05:18:40 PST

>> My rundig script will dig anything I care to,
>>but at one point when it runs htmerge, I get the following error(s):
>>warning:line too long:ignoring home i:0 l:0 w:150000

> This means that the BSDI sort program didn't like the db.wordlist
> file. This isn't good because it means the word database *might* be
> corrupted. (It could be OK, but there's no guarantee what sort spit
> up.) My suggestion would be to get GNU sort, part of the textutils
> package and rebuild the databases.

Worked like a champ! Thanks.


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