[htdig] htmerge error: warning:line too long:ignoring ....

Subject: [htdig] htmerge error: warning:line too long:ignoring ....
From: Sid MacLeod (sid@sidzone.net)
Date: Sat Feb 05 2000 - 11:45:41 PST

I have htDig installed on a BSDI3.0 box in a virtual env, and I'm having
problem when running htmerge. My rundig script will dig anything I care to,
but at one point when it runs htmerge, I get the following error(s):

warning:line too long:ignoring home i:0 l:0 w:150000
                            or whatever

The script *has* run to completion, but not when I add different directories
to htdig.conf.(like mail-list archives, and a directory of old press
releases that I want searched, but aren't linked to directly on the site)

These directories all clear htmerge fine individually, but as a group they
send it for a loop. This site has a big common header and footer that
produces a lot of the same text, could this be a cause?

I've searched the archives, and one person had the same problem a few years
ago, but nobody responded. Can someone head me in the right direction?

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