[htdig] local_url and spaces in docs url

Subject: [htdig] local_url and spaces in docs url
From: GOMEZ Henri (hgomez@slib.fr)
Date: Fri Feb 04 2000 - 01:56:02 PST


I use htdig to index local documents which are pdf.

All documents are local to the htdig system so I
use local_url tag in conf file.

A huge index.html is constructed each days, just before
htdig run and it contains all the files to be indexed ie :

<html><head><title>List of PDF</title></head><body>
<a href="http://mysys/mydocs/WhyPdf.pdf"> /home/mydocs/WhyPdf.pdf</a><BR>
<a href="http://mysys/mydocs/Informations%2008092000.pdf">
<a href="http://mysys/mydocs/Informations%2008092001.pdf">


<a href="http://mysys/mydocs/Informations%2008092000.pdf">

I've got a problem since some documents contains space
in the file name and so the indexer perl script encode url (ie replace ' '
by %20)

But now htdig couldn't find the file like these (ie
Anything to do to force htdig to decode url (ie convert %20 by ' ') ?


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