[htdig] avoiding binary attachments when indexing email archives

Subject: [htdig] avoiding binary attachments when indexing email archives
From: Brett Dikeman (brett@artelsoft.com)
Date: Wed Feb 02 2000 - 09:03:15 PST

what's the best way to avoid attachments in archived email?
Otherwise, fuzzy searches end up including random "words" made up of
many random characters, drawn from what htdig considered "text"; I
can find it in emails people sent that included binary attachments.

Second, if htdig is on the same machine as the site I'm searching,
how do I avoid the overhead of using http to do the indexing? Giving
full path names in "start_url" broke the rundig script and trashed my
index files.

I tried searching the archives with several different keywords; came
up with lots of stuff, but nothing I wanted :-)



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381 Congress Street				617-451-9916(fax)
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