Re: [htdig] indexing mhonarc archives

Subject: Re: [htdig] indexing mhonarc archives
From: Nathaniel Irons (
Date: Wed Feb 02 2000 - 08:41:19 PST

On 2/2/2000 at 8:07 AM, (Geoff Hutchison)

> At 8:10 AM +0100 2/2/00, Jan Wender wrote:
>> In this vein another question: The html-files of mail messages
>> contain lines with links to other messages, in which the subject of
>> the other messages is put. If you search for a message, you always
>> get lots of these linked messages which have nothing to do with what
>> you search for except for the linked subject lines. Is there a
>> possibility to exclude these search hits?
> Not easily. However, if you turn up description_factor

There's a better way: adding "<!--htdig_noindex-->" to your mhonarc
message template will halt indexing at that point in the file. In my
case, I put it in the MSGBODYEND resource, which falls after everything
I'd want indexed, and before the links to other messages. So my
resource file entry looks like this:


And you can see where it falls, for example, in this message:

You will, of course, have to rebuild your mhonarc archives and re-dig.


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