RE: [htdig] Alta Vista goes Open source

Subject: RE: [htdig] Alta Vista goes Open source
From: Tillman, James (
Date: Tue Feb 01 2000 - 12:32:19 PST

>AltaVista/CMGI's press release, focused entirely on the affiliate
>program, seems to confirm the latter:
> "The AltaVista Affiliate Network is leading the expansion of our
> distinctive services throughout the Web, at a global scale," said
> Rod Schrock, president and CEO of AltaVista Company. "This
> program will effectively open source AltaVista Search and
> translation services thereby extending our brand to the Internet
> community."

Looks like they probably just said "open source" so a search engine would
get a hit on their press release! I think they either have no clue what
open source means, or they're trying to exploit the buzz word. Either way,
it's not a wise thing to do...


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