Re: [htdig] Alta Vista goes Open source

Subject: Re: [htdig] Alta Vista goes Open source
Date: Tue Feb 01 2000 - 11:28:02 PST

At 12:23 PM -0600 2/1/2000, Geoff Hutchison wrote:
>At 10:13 AM -0800 2/1/00, wrote:
>>Nope, not open-source, the reporter got confused with HTML code.
>>You know how it goes when they're in a hurry.
>Actually, they use the term "open source" in their press release, so
>it's not an issue with ZDNet or the reporter. It's an issue with

Yeah, the release was stupid but they just meant HTML.

>I could imagine that they'll give the source to members of their
>affiliate program, but many people already had the binaries.
>Besides, as many people point out, this is for their "intranet"
>program, which is not the software they run themselves.

Nope, they have no intention of giving away source to AltaVista
Search (the one they sell). Confirmed by the product manager by
phone this morning.

Interestingly, the code is that which they run on the main servers.
So you know it scales nicely (if you invest in a server farm).


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