[htdig] No db.docs.index file

Subject: [htdig] No db.docs.index file
From: Ryan Williams (webmaster@subrealsongs.com)
Date: Sun Jan 30 2000 - 14:24:24 PST

OK, this is strange. I'm running two independent servers both with their
own htdig engines. Both servers are identical in setup (running Apache 1.3
on Linux). With one, everything works great. With the other I get this

Unable to read document index file '/web/u1/www12345/htdig/db/db.docs.index'
Did you run htmerge?

Everytime I run config on the problem server, this file is still not
created. I've compared everything between the two servers and the only
thing different is the domian name. Anybody know what could cause this?

Thanks in advance!

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