[htdig] Partial merge?

Subject: [htdig] Partial merge?
From: Brian A. Marks (bmarks@pobox.com)
Date: Wed Jan 26 2000 - 15:27:08 PST

Hi folks:

I still am having this problem, but here is some new information:

- The dig itself works flawlessly.
- When I run htmerge, I get lots of "Group disk quota exceeded too long"
errors when htmerge is running through all the words it finds in the index
file, but some words don't produce an error - I can get a long string of
"Group disk quota exceeded too long" messages followed by a few success
messages and then more error messages
- I don't seem to be having an actual quota problem on my account
- Searches for some known-present words show lots of results, but for other
known-present words turn up nothing

Does anyone have a clue or any ideas?

Thank you,

Brian A. Marks
Vertical Stores Corp.
Grand Prix Store / PartsForYourTruck.com

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