[htdig] Multiple meta-tags with same name

Subject: [htdig] Multiple meta-tags with same name
From: Paul Wolstenholme (wolstena@sfu.ca)
Date: Wed Jan 26 2000 - 11:08:24 PST


I'm now running HtDig 3.1.4 on FreeBSD 3.3. Everything is running
great. I've been asked to implement Dublin Core metatagging on a site
for a electronic journal.

I have two questions. First, how does HtDig handle multiple meta-tags
with the same name:

<meta name="dc.creator" content="Paul Wolstenholme">
<meta name="dc.creator" content="Richard Smith">

This is the preferred format for DC but will the last item overwrite the
first value or will htdig add both to the database?

I'm planning on having multiple databases with config files that look
similar to that below.

keywords_meta_tag_names: creator

keyword_factor: 100
text_factor: 0
title_factor: 0
heading_factor_1: 0
heading_factor_2: 0
heading_factor_3: 0
heading_factor_4: 0
heading_factor_5: 0
heading_factor_6: 0


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