[htdig] links & cgi

Subject: [htdig] links & cgi
From: Kaspars (house@mt.lv)
Date: Wed Jan 26 2000 - 03:56:47 PST

Hello again!

Thanks for an answer to my last question!

Is it possible to make htdig convert all 'hrefs' in results
from every *.html file in some '/subcatalog' to point to

The idea is: I have perl script (/cgi-bin/somescript.pl) for
viewing detailed description of topics from some
main page. Detailed description are *.html
files in '/subcatalog' of www root. I should
not index them because I use SSI and I dont
want users to go right there. I need them to
find keywords from those files but pointing to perl
script not *.html in htdig search results.

| Any solutions?
|---------- -- --- - - - - -
| Kaspars (house@mt.lv)
`---------------- ---- --- -- -- -

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