[htdig] report by mod date, not keywords?

Subject: [htdig] report by mod date, not keywords?
From: darrellb (darrellb@hhcl.com)
Date: Wed Jan 26 2000 - 03:02:09 PST

we're using htdig and love it...however we've discovered a need for a
'whats new' search as well as a keyaord search, and it strikes me that
given htdig has information about modification dates, it would be
'relatively easy' to hack it so you could have a webpage with tags
specifying a date window for results to be returned (and no keyword
field at all)...so you could have, say an 'everything posted to the
archive in the last week' page as a useful addition to a mail
archive...(for example)

has anyone looked at this or explored this possibility? or, does anyone
have an htdig-like tool, which will run on linux and do what i'm looking
for (as a note, the pages we're looking at are on a diverse range of web
servers, so a local directpry diff-by-date stylee script is no use)


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