[htdig] pdf parser problem under NT 4.0

Subject: [htdig] pdf parser problem under NT 4.0
From: Stein, Thomas (AGLW) (Thomas.Stein@fao.org)
Date: Tue Jan 25 2000 - 04:21:10 PST

I try to get the pdf parser to work under NT and I don't get it to work. In
my htdig.conf I have included the following line (as it couldn't find its
parser under /usr/...), does that make any sense ? I have checked the htdig
archives and documentation but couldn't find the right hint.

pdf_parser: /program/acrobat/reader/acrord32.exe -toPostScript -pairs

Max doc size has been set to exceeding the biggest document size.
max_doc_size: 6000000

What happens is that it seems to read the file and after a few seconds an
acrobat program window pops up (?) with the file title something like
'htdig1234.pdf' and shortly afterwards a message saying 'There was an error
opening this document. The file does not exist'.

After closing the acrobat reader window htdig continues to dig.

Any idea would be appreciated.



 Dr.Thomas-M. Stein Email : thomas.stein@fao.org
                            List Owner: IRRIGATION-L@listserv.gmd.de

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