Re: [htdig] Compile errors of FreeBSD 3.3

Subject: Re: [htdig] Compile errors of FreeBSD 3.3
From: Doug Barton (
Date: Mon Jan 24 2000 - 18:57:59 PST

Paul Wolstenholme wrote:
> Greetings,
> I'm just compiled HtDig 3.1.4 on FreeBSD 3.3. It appears to have
> compiled but during the make there were a lot of error messages like:
> gcc -o db_load db_load.o err.o getlong.o libdb.a -lc_r

        The biggest part of the problem here is the use of -lc_r instead of
-pthread, which is what the patch in the port does for you.

> /usr/lib/ warning: this program uses gets(), which is unsafe.

        Use of gets() _is_ unsafe, but not the end of the world. When was the
last time anyone did a security audit of the htdig source? Or is that
part of the 3.2 series already?

> /usr/lib/ WARNING! setkey(3) not present in the system!
> /usr/lib/ WARNING! des_setkey(3) not present in the system!
> /usr/lib/ WARNING! encrypt(3) not present in the system!
> /usr/lib/ WARNING! des_cipher(3) not present in the system!

        These errors look like you tried to enable DES for something, and you
don't have DES installed on your system. What options did you give

> Anyone else have a similar experience? How can I fix it. The current
> port at the FreeBSD site is 3.1.3. I've also sent a message to the
> maintainer asking him if there were plans to upgrade the port.

        Fortunately the upgrade to this port is easy. I did the last
modifications to the port, and Bill (the maintainer) was kind enough to
commit my changes. I just tested compiling htdig with the following
changes, although I did not test whether it runs or not since I'm not at
home and I don't want to bring my webserver down.

        You can make the following changes to the port and it will compile:

vi /usr/ports/textproc/htdig/Makefile
DISTNAME= htdig-3.1.3
DISTNAME= htdig-3.1.4

        Delete the line that says:
PATCHFILES= htdig-3.1.3-urlparmbug.patch

make fetch
make makesum
make install

Then you're all set.

Good luck,


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