Re: [htdig] Problem writing an external parser

Subject: Re: [htdig] Problem writing an external parser
From: Gilles Detillieux (
Date: Mon Jan 24 2000 - 08:40:24 PST

According to Bernard T. Higonnet:
> I am trying to write an external parser which seems to work partially
> 1) the words which seem to be db.docdb are not to be found in
> db.wordlist (there's lots of stuff there, including names in the indexed
> files' full path names, but not these words)
> 2) searching on these words produces no documents (otherwise search
> seems to work normally)
> If this helps:
> My external parser returns records with first character t,h, and w but
> not u,a,i, or m

If the words appear correctly in db.docdb, it must mean that the h
record contains all the words you want, which is good. That they don't
appear in db.wordlist would explain why the search doesn't find them -
db.wordlist is used to build the word database for htsearch.

The most likely cause is a problem with the format of the w records your
parser puts out. Note that w records must have 4 fields, separated by
tab characters. The record must start with a w and a tab, then the word,
another tab, the location (0-1000), a final tab, and the heading level
(0-11). If fields are missing or the values are out of range, they will
be rejected.

Have a look at the output of your parser as you run it manually on one
of your documents, to see what's wrong with the w fields.

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