[htdig] possible y2k bug?

Subject: [htdig] possible y2k bug?
From: Dan Simoes (dans@audifans.com)
Date: Sat Jan 22 2000 - 20:19:24 PST

I've been using htdig since 3.1 to provide search functions for
I've recently upgraded to 3.4 since I needed to reindex my site anyway.
I've noticed two things:

- rundig takes forever (over 3 days) to dig and merge, and is taking up
a ton of disk. Yes, the site archives
have grown a lot and it makes sense that the databases would too, but 3
days is a long time to dig!

- htsearch does not work. I just ran it by hand in debug mode, after
wiping the databases and doing a rundig
of only the 1999 archives (this took only 10 hours). htsearch reports:

<<audifans:/files/www/audifans/cgi-bin:dans >> htsearch -v -d
Enter value for words: heater core
tempWords: 'heater:0 core:0 '
Boolean: 'heater:0 &:0 core:0 '
initial: ''
Fuzzy on: heater
   (null) heater
Alarm clock
<<audifans:/files/www/audifans/cgi-bin:dans >> date
Sat Jan 22 23:12:32 EST 2000

The system is a sparc20 clone with 128Mb of RAM, solaris 2.6 with all
patches, and has passed Sun's y2k check tool (sunscan). No other
time-related bugs have appeared.

Don't think I'm being y2k-paraonid - I'm not. But I can't figure out
what else "alarm clock" would mean?


Dan Simoes

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