[htdig] iso-8859-2 problem

Subject: [htdig] iso-8859-2 problem
From: Jacek (jacek@oi.idl.krakow.pl)
Date: Sat Jan 22 2000 - 07:09:45 PST

I have a problem setting up htdig 3.1.4.
It's not working with Polish character set (iso-8859-2) correctly.
When you search for a term without Polish characters, it works fine.
However, if you enter a search word with Polish characters, it doesn't
find any matches (although they obviously exist).
I've tried setting the locale option to pl_PL - but it didn't help.
Does anyone know how to set up it properly (possibly with standard
options, not any custom patches)? Has anyone on the list got a version of
htdig *really working* with iso-8859-2?
Jacek Juda

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