[htdig] Can I delete these files?

Subject: [htdig] Can I delete these files?
From: Brian A. Marks (bmarks@pobox.com)
Date: Fri Jan 21 2000 - 18:31:06 PST

Hi all:

Still trying to find out why many known search terms do not show up when
searching, I have come to want to try a brand new site index, but I'm
running out of server space. I see that the directory
/home/myusername/....../htdig-3.1.4 takes up a LOT of space. Since the
binaries appear in .../htdig/bin/ and the other files are in /conf/, etc.,
can I delete the entire /htdig-3.1.4 tree if I understand that I'm losing
the documentation? Or does anything refer to this directory?


Brian A. Marks
Vertical Stores Corp.
Grand Prix Store / PartsForYourTruck.com

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