[htdig] exclude.

Subject: [htdig] exclude.
From: Kaspars (house@mt.lv)
Date: Thu Jan 20 2000 - 06:27:20 PST

Hello htdiggers!

I have <meta keywords...> tag in every html document
on our site with many many keywords (they are equal
in each file) pointing to our site.

For example:
When I search for 'cables' I am getting many results
with TITLE and URL but without additional info...
There are pages with that word in meta tag but not in

How can I set htdig to search for keywords only within
page's contents but not meta tags. And without writing
<meta... nohtdig...> in each file?

| Many Thanks..
,---------- -- --- - - - - -
| Kaspars (house@mt.lv)
`---------------- ---- --- -- -- -

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