Re: [htdig] Search terms won't show up...

Subject: Re: [htdig] Search terms won't show up...
From: Brian A. Marks (
Date: Wed Jan 19 2000 - 19:48:47 PST

> >around the words alone. For example, I do not find "spark" alone but do
> >find "ngksparkplug" - which does not ever occur in any of the documents as
> >shown, but does exist as "ngk spark plug" for example. Any further clues
> >in this information?
> Can we see an HTML excerpt? I'm wondering if these are non-breaking
> spaces, for example.
> (If you can post the whole page, that would be fine, but even just a
> section would be useful.)

Hi again, Geoff:

For example, try going to my site at and using
the search box on the left nav. bar.

Type in "ngksparkplug" and you'll get a small list of hits. The hits
contain URLs to NGK's website, which does, upon 2nd inspection, contain the
search term. But the first result turned up ALSO contains the word "plugs"
or "plug" right above where "ngksparkplug" is written. Yet a search for
simply "plug" or "plugs" yields NO results. How very strange!

Please note that the resulting page that you click on (not the search
result page but the document it found) appears to be HTML but is actually
generated from a plain text e-mail list digest.

Please let me know if what I explained was clear.

Brian A. Marks
Vertical Stores Corp.
Grand Prix Store /

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